Operational Break-even Achieved, Cameroon

Victoria Oil & Gas Plc (“VOG” or “the Company”), the emerging African energy utility company, today announces that gas supplied to customers by the Company’s operating subsidiary, Gaz du Cameroun (“GDC”), has averaged 3.2mmscf/d for February production to date. At this supply rate the Company is pleased to confirm that GDC is now above break-even on a cash flow basis.

This production rate has been achieved following increased usage by existing customers in combination with a major new connection made this month with Socaver, a bottle manufacturing plant and subsidiary of Cameroon’s largest brewer Societe Anonyme des Brasseries du Cameroun (“SABC”).

VOG Logbaba Inauguration, June 2011

VOG Logbaba Inauguration, June 2011

The average production rate of 3.2mmscf/d is an increase of 0.6mmscf/d from the 2.6mmscf/d figure announced in October 2013. The rate has been calculated by dividing accumulated daily production volumes by days under consideration and includes weekends and holidays when consumption is at reduced levels.

GDC has recently secured new customers including Dangote, Quality Habitat and Buetec for thermal gas provision. Gas fired generator (“Genset”) installations are currently underway at existing customers’ sites.

A dedicated team has been allocated to work with AES-Sonel, the national electricity supply utility. The plan is to provide gas – fired electricity generation at two existing power plants in the Douala area. The plants currently rely on heavy fuel oil to generate electricity for the local grid.


  • Gaz du Cameroun operational break-even on a cash flow basis achieved
  • Average 3.2mmscf/d rate achieved to date during February 2014

Commenting on the announcement today the Company’s Chairman, Kevin Foo, said: “After making major changes within VOG and GDC, we are now seeing real increases in gas supply volumes. Achieving operational cash break-even is also an important milestone and we look forward to building on this momentum.”

Source: Victoria Oil and Gas Plc Website

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