PwC Releases Africa Oil and Gas Review for July 2014; Predicts a Boom in the Industry

The Africa Oil & Gas Review is an in-depth report on the current developments in the Oil and Gas Industry in Africa; published by PwC. The July 2014 edition looks at developments in the African oil and gas industry. It reviewed valuable experience and views of industry players across the African continent, including international oil companies operating in Africa, national oil companies, oilfield service companies, independent oil companies and industry commentators, to provide insight into the latest developments impacting the industry on the continent.

Africa Oil and Gas Review

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It also included a selection of country profiles to highlight developments in a number of locations. Some of them are updates to last year’s profiles, while some of them are new additions. The West African countries featured include Ghana, Nigeria, Republic of Congo and Cote d’Ivoire. Other country profile in this edition include: South Africa, Angola, Uganda, Tanzania, Egypt, Kenya, South Sudan and Mozambique.

Every oil and gas professional, institution or organization with interest in Africa should read this to gain more insight on the happenings, trends and futures of the African Oil and Gas Industry landscape.


Visit the PwC website to read more about the review. Happy Reading!

Patrick N.
Oil and Gas West Africa

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